Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Starting a Green real estate company using the faxing and VOIP services of Ring Central

Go Green and Save with RingCentral Fax
When I was researching the best E faxing and Virtual phone service companies to go with my concept of building a
green real estate agency, I decided to go with Ring Central. I love the service and would highly recommend it to anyone trying to save money and time. 
Ring Central has several plans and options. I went with the 49.95 a month unlimited calling and faxing nationally. Moreover, I bought a Linksys IP SPA942 VOIP phone with 4 lines and have it hooked up to my router and it works great. The retails for about $125,but if you sign up with RC you get a bit of a discount.
Customer Service is excellent, but what I like most about the service is that I never miss a call. I am hardly in the office and RC forwards my calls in a .wav file to my cellphone in less than 30 seconds from receiving it at the office. I can open the .wav file on my blackberry and return the call instantly as if I were in the office. Another feature I love is  fax out. It lets you fax the pdf's,word,excel docments directly from your computer. 
Short Sale Faxout example:
I received a short sale listing for a 1/1 Condo in West Kendall. As a CDPE I gathered all the required initial paperwork to send to the bank. Well you can imagine it was 80 pages long. ( Banks do not accept Electronic documents for Short Sales, if so I would not have printed the forms) Well I scanned them on my printer into a pdf and saved it as a file, then I opened RC and attached the 80 page file to fax out to test the system. I figured no way will these many pages go out from this Efax. It took a while and received a notification about 10 minutes later the 80 pages were sent.
Boy, was I impressed !!
RingCentral your the best !!

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